Major League Hacking 2018 Hackathon Season

Learn. Hack. Compete.

An open for all WPI Hackathon, for both hardware and software!
today Jan. 12 - 14th
room WPI Odeum
Coming Soon

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Participate in the workshops taught by experienced students and learn everything you need to take your project from idea to reality. Ask currently employed Mentors for help when needed.



Work all weekend long to build and hack your project together. We provide food, snacks, drinks, and entertainment; everything you need to stay focused and have fun for the whole event.



Present your project at the end of the hackathon to our panel of judges, and win various prizes! Grand prizes are available for the top three teams, the best overall, the best software, and the best hardware project. Additionally, smaller prizes will also be available for various categories.

cosponsoring clubs
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Organizing Club

Hack @ WPI is run by the local ACM chapter. The event would not be possible without their support!

Sponsoring Companies

Hack @ WPI is proud to announce that the companies below are all part of making the event a reality.

sponsoring organizatoins
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